Anne Londez - Sculptural Beads

Perles sculpturales

Sculptural Beads



Ces perles incorporent des éléments sculpturaux et combinent différentes techniques de travail au chalumeau, y compris le soufflage.

Elles ont en général été créées pour des expositions.


These beads include sculptural elements and combine different flameworking techniques, including blowing. They have usually been created for exhibitions on a given theme.


*The Tempest*

40 x 40 x 40 mm, flameworked soft glass

Photo Lucy Hunt

Created in 2007 for the Tempest exhibition based on the famous Shakespeare play.




40 x 40 x 40 mm, flameworked and blown soft glass, cubic zirconium

Created in 2007 for the *Bulles de Verre* exhibition in the Musée Atelier du Verre de Sars-Poterie.

The theme was Air and Water and I wanted to show the bursting of a soap bubble, the perfect interface between air and water.

Other beads in the series:





*Sea Rocks*

40 x 40 x 20 mm, flameworked soft glass

A variation on the Sea Rocks theme, this bead was created for the *Perles d'ecumes* exhibition in the Musée de Berck-sur-Mer in 2005 and chosen for the official exhibition poster. The theme was the sea. It's very impressive to see your bead on a 5 m high poster outside the museum !